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RF Mixers

Articles and Tutorials on RF Mixer Design. Topics covered are Mixer Fundamentals, High Frequency Mixers, Gilbert Cell Mixers, Diode Mixers, CMOS Mixers and more…

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Mixer Fundamentals

This Article goes over Mixer Basics, Mixer Terminology, Mixer Topology such as Diode Mixers, FET Mixers, BJT Mixers, Single ended Mixers, Single ended balanced mixers, Double balanced mixers and more…  

By Liam Delvin from Plextek


Introduction to Mixers

A Tutorial on Mixers. Goes over the basic mixer operation and definitions of key terms. 

by Michael Ellis. Good Article explaining the basics of Mixers and mixer design


Modern Mixer Terms Defined

Mixer Terminology Defined: Conversion Loss, Conversion Compression, Isolation, Dynamic Range, DC Offset,Intermodulation Points and more…

from Mini Circuits


Mixers Basics

Basics of Mixer Design with Equations, derivations and an explanation of various mixer topologies.

from www.rfic.co.uk - RF, RFIC & Microwave Theory, Design


Understanding Mixers

Understanding Mixer measurement procedures. Topics Covered: Conversion Loss, Isolation and VSWR measurement Techniques.

from Mini Circuits


CMOS RFIC Upconversion Mixer design

Design of a Gilbert Cell MOSFET double balanced mixer with an input IF signal at 200 MHz and an output of 1.8GHz on a 0.35um CMOS process.

by Stephen Long


Low-Power Low-Voltage CMOS RF Mixers

Comparison of different CMOS Mixer Architectures. Gilbert Cell Mixer, Bulk driven mixer (single transistor mixer),Narrowband source coupled pair and more…

by Mohamed Kawokgy


Open-collector Mixer Design for Next Generation RFICs

An open collector Mixer design that provides flexibility in setting parameters such as output impedance, conversion gain and linearity.

by Barry Hunt and Walter Prada -www.rfdesign.com


Gilbert Cell Mixer Tutorial 

A detailed Gilbert Cell Mixer Design Tutorial with examples.

by J P Silver from www.rfic.co.uk


A 40 - 45 GHz Monolithic Gilbert Cell Mixer

A downconverter mixer for a broadband access receiver at 40 – 45 GHz with a conversion Loss less than 6 dB and LO power of 10 dBm on GaAs.

by Andrew Dearn and Liam Devlin


Active Mixer Differential to single-ended IF Matching

While single-ended RF and LO input ports are becoming standard on high linearity active mixer ICs, integration of the IF output transformer is difficult and can be undesirable. A discrete balun approach delivers good performance over a relatively narrow IF bandwidth when compared to a transformer-based IF matching technique.

from www.rfdesign.com


Mixer Design Using Spectre RF Application Note

This application note describes how to use Spectre RF in the Analog Design Environment to measure parameters, which are important in design verification of mixers.

Application Note from Cadence


RF CMOS Power Mixer Design from short range wireless applications with focus on polar modulation

A Masters thesis on RF CMOS power Mixers for Polar Modulation

Masters Thesis by Anna-Maria Lann from Linköping University, Sweden


CMOS RF down-conversion mixer design for low-power wireless communications  

This paper aims discusses the design of a low-power single-balanced mixer for down-conversion in wireless RF receivers operating at 1.9 GHz on a 0.18um CMOS Process. The Mixer has a conversion gain of 7 dB, power consumption of 3.86 mW and a Supply voltage of 1.8 V.

By K. Faitah, A. El Oualkadi, A. Ait Ouahman from the University of Cadi Avvad


A 60-GHz Down - Converting CMOS Single - Gate Mixer

A quadrature balanced single gate CMOS down converting mixer with an RF frequency of 60 GHz and an IF frequency of 2 GHz. The mixer has an output power of 0 dBm and a conversion loss of 2 dB. It is fabricated on a 130nm CMOS process.

By Sohrab Emami, Chinh H. Doan, Ali M. Niknejad, and Robert W. Brodersen  from Berkeley Wireless Research Center, University of California, Berkeley


Linearization Techniques for Mixers

This Article goes over Gilbert Mixer Basics and Linearization techniques such as emitter degradation, Feedback and other techniques.

By Stephen Yue fromthe University of Toronto


An 18 to 40GHz Double Balanced Mixer MMIC

This paper describes the design and evaluation of aMixer, with an RF frequency from 18 – 40 GHz, LO frequency from 20 to 42 GHz and an IF frequency from 0.1 to 17 GHz. A double balanced topology is used which functions both as an upconverter and a downconverter. The device is fabricated using WIN semiconductors pHEMT process.

By Andy Dearn, Liam Devlin, Roni Livney, Sahar Merhav


Rx Mixer Design for WCDMA Receiver

Design of a Gilbert Cell Mixer from 1900 - 2170 MHz. 

By Ilian Kouchev, IIS, ETH Zürich



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